Did you know: Tanning once with lotion is equal to tanning 3x without lotion?!

Guilty Tans offers many different tanning lotions and tan extending products to help boost that tan and to keep that glow, glowing! Our products are top of the line from brands including:

Designer Skin             Supre Tan                 Ed Hardy             Swedish Beauty


Pro Tan                    Tanovations                   Hempz                  Salty Kisses

 .....and our very own popular brand lotion, Guilty Tans, created by the shop owner.


Dry skin reflects UV rays. By using a lotion, you are speeding up your melanin production. On average it normally takes about 7 minutes for your skin to START developing color. By using a lotion, the time is brought down to 30 seconds - 1 minute. Do not forget your tan extender on the way out! Tan extenders are an awesome way to keep your skin moisturized and the color lasting even longer. They also contain many age defying ingredients such as essential vitamins and nutrients to keep your skin healthy.